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ComicCon day 3

I got to the Con quite early today and it was already packed! Once we finally got in I basically ran to Ballroom 20 since Halle Berry's thing started right when the Convention started. Well, the first few rows were reserved for the press (damn press). I sat at the third row for the normal people, so I was about 9 or 10 rows from the stage..pretty good. So the thing started with all these special making of's and previews that were never seen until that very moment. I saw The Last Samuri stuff as well as Harry Potter and get this..TROY!! Yup, I saw some of the making of scenes of Troy. Orlando Bloom in a skirt! Haha, yeah, the amusing part was..he was shooting a bow and arrow. Ok, anyways then finalyl Halle Berry came out and did some Q&A, it wasn't that long though cuz stupid people took up too much time and cut her part down. I also saw sneak preview of movie she just finished last night.

Then they continued on and Angelina Jolie came out and did Q&A for about an hour or so. She brought some cool stuff from Tomb Raider. A lot of the people in the audience were lesbians and were trying to propose to her. Well, yeah, I hate staff (you'll see why now and little further down)..they kept trying to stop people from asking personal questions for themselves and Angelina defended us saying she liked those kinda question. Rock on! Ok, I've never said rock on..until now. Yes, then Angelina left.

Next was Kevin Smith..he was hysterical! When he first came out he was like, "Whoa this is a lot of people! But a bet half of you are here to see those damn hobbits! (audience cheers). You're all prolly thinking, 'Why do I have to listen to this fat ass, I want Frodo dammit!'". It was great. He cussed a lot and made fun of Ben Affleck which was great..I'm more of a Matt Damon kinda girl. He cracked jokes about him being fat and his sex life. Then later on through the thing, a fan asked him what was is like having all these people come out just to see him. He responded, "Not all of these people. These people wanna see Elijah Wood and his tiny ass. Everyone's thinking..how long do I have to listen this guy's bullshit!" Ahh, priceless.

Then it was this Freddy vs. Jason thing. Robert England, another new guy playing Jason, the producer and director were there again..taking Q&A. But they were only there for like 30 minutes cuz I guess they new who we all really wanted to see.

So this chick from New Line introduces Richard Taylor and he goes on and brings out all these other WETA and costume designers. One guy was making a sword like the ones Strider gave to the hobbits at Weathertop, one was dressing up someone like an elf during Helm's Deep, another dressing up someone to look like a Rohan person at Helm's Deep, the other one dressing up a hobbit..feet and all, and then Sala Baker came out in orc army outfit. So after the guy finished with the hobbit they were explaining how they made the hair on the feet and also the wigs. Poor people who had to make them..each hair was individually tied on. Then they said, "Oh we need a hobbit expert to come out and rate our hobbit makeover." I thought they were gonna bring Sean Astin but then..motherfucking Dominic Monaghan running out on stage! He was like, "WHAT'S UP?!?!" At that moment, I wasn't expecting it so I admit, I did go fangirl and screamed my head off. It wasn't high pitched more like a cheerleader you know..like the DomSquad or something..anyways. Yeah, he had this t-shirt that just said, "Bro." And he was quite hot there. But I restrained myself. Don't fall for Dominic Monaghan, Chelsea will bust your ass. Ok, he was rating the hobbit like 7.5 on the feet and whatever. Then one of the guys who helped with Gollum came out. I was looking at Dominic Monaghan and the boy is monkey. I swear! He put his on flat on top of his head and the scratched it like a monkey would have done. Then he did this weird monkey dance that we all wanted to see again, "Maybe later. I do Barmitzfas(sp?), Weddings..*pause* Female parties." Well, the tape the WETA guy was gonna show wasn't working so he just brought out Andy Serkis, he was wearing the same outfit as yesterday but eh. He started talking about his experience till the tape started working. It was cool, we heard the original voice they were gonna used, which sucked and Andy's audition tape which was so frigging funny. Andy also said his voice was based on his 3 cats coughing up a furball. Then started talking about acting and working with Sean and Elijah. And then guess who popped up? Yup, Elijah Wood and Sean Astin. Didn't really like the hat Sean was wearing. Elijah shaved his head again, just in case you didn't know and I like the shirt he was wearing. Haha, ok anyways. So it was so cool, it was Gollum, Frodo, and Sam just all talking together and then Sean said, "Then Andy ripped my wig off!" Elijah laughed and was like.."Do you always have to bring that up?" Sean responded, "Hey, it hurt! You have this thing glued to your head and Andy goes and rips it off!" Then Elijah made a ripping sound effect and a mock scream. He did this a few times. Sean requested he do his ringwraith scream. Elijah did it. It was like Dumb and Dumber except high pitched and 10 times more annoying. Then they talked about Fran Walsh doing the actually screams and Elijah said, "It scared the shit out of me. Sean added, "Yeah, and you'd try to recover by like saying, 'Oh I knew that was gonna happen!'". Next, they started talking about Sean Astin's short film and when they were rolling the clip, they played some kind of cheesy music and it was the cutest thing. Elijah was doing the cha-cha to it. So I watched the clip and the looked back at the stage and Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood are doing some dance together. It was so cute! There was a moment, however. There was this part when Elijah was looking at me or at least I think he was, you know you just have that feeling. So we had eye contact and I just burst out laughing, then he started to laugh. He then talked to Dominic and they both looked at me and I started laughing again. I don't know what was up with me. Yeah, then the lady came back out again to introduce the ROTK clip and she had sort of a high pitched voice and Elijah imitated her. So then you look to the screen and you see Ian McKellan, Billy Boyd, and Peter Jackson. They apologized for not going to ComicCon and then Peter and Ian look at Billy and asked who he was. "I'm a hobbit!" Then Peter and Ian saw he was at "normal" height and told him to get on his knees, which he did. Then they showed some ROTK stuff with some never before seen pictures and interviews with Elijah and Sean. That was the end and they went off to sign autographs. Oh, and I taped all of this minus the previews and stuff..you're not allowed to. So I taped the Angelina Jolie thing and the hobbitness.

So I get in line and its fucking huge! People skipped the meeting I just went to stand in line. They cut off the line so I was unable to get an autograph or talk to them. So I went outside and there was only a window keeping me away from the 3 hobbits. Just think Justin Timberlake video, him looking at that chick taking a shower. Well, I was uberly pissed cuz well I wasn't gonna get to meet them. I just became stalker like and just watched every single movement they made. Funny part was when Elijah Wood was imitating all the fangirls with his own kinda girlish squees. All four of them stood on their chairs and bowed down to the fans. Yes, I hate the ComicCon staff. I was prolly like 200 feet away from them at first and they yelled at me for being too close. Then when I was outside I was standing prolly near the door and they kept telling me to back away. If they didn't say it so rudely maybe I wouldn't be as pissed. Well yeah, people were crying cuz they didn't get an autograph. We were all waiting for when they were gonna exit. When they came out I didn't get nothing! They were being pushed, they wanted to stay, you could just tell but the damn security people kept pushing them. I did get some responses, Elijah gave those "I'm sorry" eyes, Sean waved at me or at least I think he did, and Dominic did that dance again. Agh, I know I should say I'm lucky..just not lucky enough. Well, its ok. I will meet them! Maybe I'm not suppose to meet them like that, maybe I'm suppose to meet them like by accident not at an autograph booth. Ok, getting psycho now. Well, umm..rumours are circling that they're coming back tomorrow. I doubt it though. Oh and I think I died from second hand smoke today =D.


I forgot to descibe Elijah's eyes in person! Well, they were really really abnormally blue. Like what you seen on screen is like even bluer! Its kinda creepy but I still love 'em. =D

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