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Last day of ComicCon *sniff*

Today was the last day. Its kinda sad for me but eh. So I got up this morning later than I usually do since you know the day has passed and what not. I couldn't find a clean shirt in my suitcase (remember I just moved here), the only shirt left was my Goonies shirt that I didn't wear yesterday. I should really get some things washed..anyways..We got to the convention and nothing was really going on. No one was signing autographs. We went downstairs just looking for some free stuff to get or whatever. My aunt was trying to finish the film on the video camera and was basically taping everything. There I was bored waiting for 3 to hit (that's when the ROTK think was gonna happen) then..

I MET SEAN ASTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[insert MASSIVE fangirl scream here]

Yes, Mikey, Rudy, Sam. I met Sean Astin! Soo happy he came back!! Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan didn't but at least he did. He was so nice and soo cute!! He started off with a perky "Hullo!" and asked my name and all. So he signed a picture of Sam from me and then looked up and gave me a big smile as I took a picture. He shook my hand and said, "Very nice to meet you April!". As he was shaking my hand he pointed out that he liked my shirt. Pure luck I wore my Goonies shirt don't you think? Then I asked for a hug (which is, for most people that know me is my frigging life goal!) and he said, "Of course!" And gave me this huge, long, tight hug. Very good hugger. Haha. My aunt filmed this all by the way.

Then a whole lot of nothing came up and finally it was 3.


First off, TTT DVD spoilers.

-Scene where Faramir sees Boromir in the boat dead, has a flashback with his father and Boromir in it. Sort of a triangle between father and sons. This scene explains why Faramir is acting the way he is and that one line he said (I forgot it) when he realized that he had to let Frodo and Sam go is added.

-Before Merry and Pippin escape for the orcs, they show more of them being molested as they put it and tortured by the orcs. Also, to get that orc who was trying to eat them (forgot his name) all hyped up, they pretend they have the ring. I can't wait to hear Dominic Monaghan's Gollum voice.

Now, ROTK spoilers *rubs hands together*

-The movie begins with the deforging of Narsil..there was an image of either Elrond or Arwen approaching the sword at Rivendell.

-The Mouth of Sauron might actually look like a slot. Note the keyword might.

-Shelob was modelled after a spider in Austraila named the Funnel Spider.

-The image of Eowyn looking out in the front of The Golden Hall that was scene in the TTT teaser trailer is actually (this is an also maybe) a scene in ROTK where she is supposedly watching Aragorn leaving to the Paths of the Dead.

-Pippin does look into the Palantir and was reported by Billy Boyd that it was his hardest scene to shoot in the entire trilogy.

-They had to reshoot the scene where Aragorn gets Narsil over and over. On the very last take, Hugo Weaving pulls back his hood and reveals his sunglasses. Just thought I'd add that =D.

-Saw some images of the Paths of the Dead as well as a few clips but I obviously can't described them because it was just random stuff not an entire scene. I did see Frodo and Sam entering Shelob's cave.

-Trailer might appear in September (another maybe).

-Legolas and Gimli continue their body count contest in the battle at Pelennor (I know I spelled that wrong..eek!) Field.

-Eowyn's fight with the witchking with quote, "Blow you away!".

-You will see Bilbo and Frodo leave for the Grey Havens.

-You will not leave the cinema undamaged or not hurt.

-The impact as that Gandalf's fall and Boromir's death had on a lot of people, in ROTK its back to back scenes like that and will not have one dry eye in the audience.


That is the end of my ComicCon experience and its gonna be weird not coming back tomorrow. It kinda became like school, get up, get ready go to ComicCon..*sigh*

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my ComicCon boasting stories. Now I will return to my boring ass life. Thank You.
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